I love coconut oil! It has over 100 uses and not all of them involve cooking - in fact, studies have proven that coconut oil has a variety of different beauty uses! Coconut oil is great for your skin, hair and even your nails, so why not list a few helpful uses for you guys: 

Writing a blog isn't easy, especially at the beginning. It's often difficult to gain traffic to blog posts as well as finding loyal readers... That's why I'm setting myself some goals that I would like to achieve by the end of the year, I hope you enjoy reading about my aims and that I inspire you to think of some goals you'd like to make this year too! 

After hearing such a buzz on YouTube and social media about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, I may have actually shredded a little tear of excitement when I found out that they were being released in the UK! Priced at £17.00 in Debenhams, this product isn't the cheapest liquid lipstick on the market, but the hype was too much for m to ignore - I just had to purchase one...or two! 

Easter and chocolate come hand in hand, but not everyone can easily pop into their local shop and pick up the nearest Easter egg or bundle of Easter treats.

We all buy products that look stunning on the store shelf but turn out to be flaky, clumping or a hideous colour! Time to throw them away right? Wrong! There are so many ways to reuse different items here are 10: 

  • Ran out of mascara: No need to throw away the whole thing! Even once your mascara has ran out, the wand can still have it's uses. Give it a good wash and you now have a new spoolie for those brows. 
  • M.A.C Foundation: If you use foundation from M.A.C then you're in for some freebies you may not have previously knew about! If you return 6 empty containers to the M.A.C stores then they gift you with a free lipstick (which are £16.50 to buy)! Not too bad M.A.C, not too bad. 
  • Bag of unwanted makeup: Has the makeup expired? If not, why not keep a bag of makeup that you don't really like or crazy colours that you're never going to wear. Then you can dip into the bag if you have any little ones that want to play with makeup or play party games (like blind makeovers). This bag will become ideal for different party games and you won't have to worry about your favourite Chanel lipstick being ruined when the younger cousins want to play around with your makeup!
  • Chalky, unblendable eyeshadow: There's nothing worse than buying a pricey eyeshadow in the exact shade you wanted, just for it to look a mess on your eyelids. But don't let that beautiful colour go to waste! Mix the eyeshadow with a clear nail polish and viola, your nails will thank you for this gorgeous, unique shade! 
  • Broken Palettes: If you break an eyeshadow it isn't the end of the world! Mix a little rubbing alcohol onto the shadow, leave it to dry and harden overnight and then it'll look as though it was never broke in the first place! Or you can use broken eyeshadows as eye pigments, or as glitter for arts and crafts. 
  • Giveaways: Why not give your makeup to family or friends? Just because an eyeshadow colour appears washed out on you doesn't mean you don't have a friend who is desperate for that exact shade! Or, if the product is unused/in amazing condition sell it on ebay? People often go to ebay for cheap deals and so they don't mind if you tested out a lipstick one time but didn't like the colour. Buyers even bid for broken palettes, so don't be put off! 
  • Old makeup sponge: While makeup sponges can start to look pretty gross, lose their colour and their original shape...it might not be time to throw your sponge away just yet! You can cut rigid patterns into the top of the sponge so that when red/purple/black makeup is applied, a bruised appearance is created (this is a technique used on movie sets). Pretty cool and perfect for halloween huh?
  • Illamasqua Sealing Gel: This little guy has saved my makeup on so many occasions! One drop of this product and any powder turns into a waterproof paste that dries quickly, so eyeshadows can become lipsticks, eyeliners or even brow pomades! I often use this product for sealing glitters onto my lids and it lasts all day long!
  • Create your custom makeup: So many people do these little tricks to make your makeup completely original. Combine two liquid lipsticks to create a new shade. Blend eyeshadows together. Add vaseline to lipsticks to create a lip tint/balm. And there are many other ways of making custom makeup, just experiment! 
  • Old foundation brush: If you're like me, you're constantly buying new makeup brushes so your old foundation brush is no longer needed. But it can be! Your old brushes can be used to apply other products such as primer or moisturiser, if you don't particularly like touching your face with your hands. 
Do you have any tricks on how to reuse unwanted makeup products? Share in the comments below: 

Starting your first blog can be daunting and terrifying. I have to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started! As you all know, my blog has only been active for a few weeks now but I've already learnt so much, here are my tips on starting a new blog!

It's been just over a month since Valentine's Day and I have to be honest, I don't pick up those Valentine's collecion products as much as I wish I did. When palettes such as Kylie's Diary cost $54 (about £44) along with delivery expenses and customs tax...we want to be getting the most out of our makeup products.

Let's be honest here, how many of us have brought a product just because the packaging is to die for? Or purchased random gift sets containing different skin products without actually looking at the items in detail? I know I have!

Image by TiffDoesBeauty.com

So, if you know me you know I LOVE a good bargain. When buying cheap makeup, let's be honest, it's usually a hit or miss - you can find the most luscious liquid lipstick that applies effortlessly and has a range of perfect shades for under £10 or...you're having a breakdown over cakey foundation that is pealing off of your face and clinging onto those dry patches. See what I mean? But one thing I can almost always rely on are cheap items such as cotton pads/buds - not as exciting as a £2 highlighter that blinds everyone when you walk into the room, but still something that us girls always rely on.